Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Tube side heat exchanger cleaning
Conco TruFit™ Tube Cleaners Loaded
Shell side heat exchanger cleaning

Conco provides specialized shell and tube heat exchanger cleaning and testing services worldwide.  Our heat exchanger cleaning technologies range from our patented and proprietary TruFit™ tube cleaners, HydroDrill™ and high-pressure water blasting, to our innovative NitroLance™ liquid nitrogen cleaning system.  Whether you are a power plant, refinery, petrochemical plant or even a large marine vessel, Conco can effectively, and economically return your heat exchangers to peak performance.  Our cleaning technologies allow cleaning of both horizontal or vertical exchangers in straight or u-tube bundle configurations.  We offer in-place cleaning or cleaning pad options and have technologies available for safely removing pyrophoric deposits with zero cross-contamination or reactivity to deposit types.

Total Performance™

Whether you combine the benefits of Conco heat exchanger cleaning services with our nondestructive testing or leak detection capabilities, you now can now enjoy the benefits of achieving the perfect balance of efficiency AND reliability in your heat transfer equipment that we call Total Performance™.  Only Conco offers more technology-based cleaning and testing for heat exchangers than anyone in the business.  Period.  

Performance for All Your Heat Exchangers

Conco has the expertise to maintain all of your balance-of-plant heat exchangers.  Conco is experienced in providing Total Performance™ cleaning and inspection services for:

  • Heaters: feedwater heaters, air preheater, steam coil air heaters, HRSG
  • Coolers: seal oil, lube oil, excitor, stator, vacuum pump and hydrogen
  • Component or closed cooling water systems
  • Refining process exchangers: reboilers, waste heat, sulfur recovery
  • Marine Heat Exchangers and Condensers

Tough Deposits?  No Problem.

Plagued by a difficult deposit?  Give us a call.  Our team of dedicated engineers thrives on making your tough deposits disappear.  Whether your problem is waterborne or a process deposit, we’ve got the field-proven technology to restore your heat exchangers to peak performance.