Cleaning of shell and tube heat exchangers is an essential part of the maintenance and service schedule of ships, tankers and Naval vessels to ensure the proper (and reliable) operation of the cooling system and engine. Conco leads the industry in providing the most widely available range of cleaning technologies to suit almost any marine heat exchanger cleaning or testing needs for both the private and public sector.  Our patented and proprietary technology has been used worldwide to clean over 100 million heat exchanger tubes and has been proven to greatly increase the efficiency of the heat exchanger while simultaneously decreasing the operational costs of the unit.  Whether it is a large military or industrial ship, regular cleaning and testing of your heat exchangers is vital to operational efficiency and reliability.  Conco can help.

Conco cleaning technologies work without chemicals or potentially dangerous high-pressure water, and are safe, effective and environmentally responsible.  We have the expertise to clean both straight and u-tube bundles in a horizontal or vertical configuration. Our our patented TruFit™ tube cleaners propelled by our ProSeries™ tube cleaning system ensure that your tubes are effectively cleaned without removing any tube material in the process.  In addition to the TruFit™ line of tube cleaners, our Excaliber™ rotary shaft tube cleaning system can also be used where limited access may be an issue.  When it comes down to it, matching your site-specific requirements (fouling profile, tube material, space limitations, safety concerns) to the most effective technology is what we do best.  It's also what separates Conco from every other company out there because no one offers more technology and more experience cleaning and testing heat exchangers than Conco.  Period.

Ensure Reliability and Availability for your Fleet

And, to ensure your fleet is never crippled due to the failure of a shell and tube exchanger, Conco offering fully certified nondestructive testing services that conform to the American Society of Nondestructive Testing standards (ASNT TC-1A), which means you can rest assured your testing services will provide accurate, consistent and repeatable results tube after tube.   Conco provides a full suite of marine heat exchanger testing services for both ferrous and nonferrous tubing including technologies like;

  • Ultrasonic Internal Rotating Inspection (IRIS Testing)
  • Remote Field Eddy Current (RFT)
  • Eddy Current Testing (ECT)
  • Borescopic Video Inspection
  • Tracer Gas Leak Inspection

Prolong and Protect Your Exchangers

When a marine heat exchanger tube is showing wear such as inlet end erosion, Conco offers products to either extend the tube life through the use of our patented Alkaserts® brand tube inserts, or isolate leaking tubes through our full line of TruFit™ heat exchanger tube plugs