Food and Beverage Industry Services

In the food and beverage industry, heat exchange equipment plays a vital role in many processes.  Whether you are processing milk or a high acid product with particulates, maintaining your heat exchangers efficiency and reliability is paramount.  Conco offers advanced technology-based cleaning services that produce no secondary waste streams and do not utilize water or any other cleaning media that is left behind.  As a result, our cleaning technology eliminates risk of cross-contamination with the deposit being cleaned.  No post clean drying is required and equipment is immediately ready for testing, or to be returned to service.  

Some examples of equipment currently being cleaned and/or tested by Conco Industrial Services include the following;

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers (In-Situ or Cleaning Pad)
  • Air –Cooled Heat Exchangers
  • Drain Lines
  • Fin Tubing
  • Piping and Lines
  • Tanks and Storage Vessels

Utilizing the latest technologies for cleaning including;

And offering fully certified nondestructive testing services including;