Cal-Buster™ Tube Cleaner

Cal-Buster™ Tube Cleaner

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The Conco Cal-Buster™ tube cleaner is a patented Conco exclusive technology specifically designed to fracture the eggshell-like crystalline form of calcium-based scale deposits in condensers and heat exchangers with tube sizes ¾” to 1-1/4”.  Used in conjunction with a Conco C3S or C4S tube cleaner, for removal of these deposits after they have been fractured.  The Cal-Buster™ tube cleaner has been effectively used in lieu of environmentally unsafe chemical methods on all types of tube materials.  Due to the technical nature of Cal-Buster™ applications, an on-site evaluation and inspection is recommended to determine critical sizing information. 

Cal-Buster™ Tube Cleaner Features Include:

  • Safe, water powered tube cleaner
  • DuPont Delrin® body, with two stages, each containing four carbide wheels
  • Custom sized and set for tube I.D. as well as scale deposit thickness
  • Heads are color coded to distinguish size
  • Can be used for approximately 5-10 shots each, depending on site conditions

How Does the Conco Cal-Buster™ Tube Cleaner Work?

The Cal-Buster™ tube cleaner is shot through condenser and heat exchanger tubes using the Conco ProSeries™ Tube Cleaning System.  The Cal-Buster™ tube cleaner features a two-staged DuPont Delrin® body each containing four carbide cutting wheels.  As the Cal-Buster tube cleaner travels through the tube at 10 to 20 feet per second (at 200-300 PSI), the carbide wheels “score” the surface of the calcium, making removal possible with a Conco C4S or C3S type cleaner.