EX-F Expanding Tube Plug

EX-F Expanding Tube Plug

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For temporary or permanent plugging of 5/8” to 1-1/4” condenser and heat exchanger tubes, Conco’s expanding EX-F tube plug is tested to withstand a wide range of pressure, temperature and vibration conditions up to 400 PSI.  The EX-F features a dual-action gripping and sealing design and also allows the plug to be placed anywhere within the tube.  The dual-action design makes it an excellent choice for applications where plug slippage may be a concern.  For applications where you want to place a plug flush to the tubesheet, consider the Conco EX-3, and for applications where you desire the ability to place a plug at any location within a tube, consider the Conco EX-4.

Features Include:

  • Available in brass, bronze, stainless steel and titanium
  • Tested under a wide range of pressure, temperature and vibration conditions to 400 PSI
  • Dual action sealing and gripping design
  • Durable DuPont Chloroprene and Vulcanized Fiber construction
  • Quick and easy installation

How Do Conco EX-F Tube Plugs Work?

Featuring a dual-action design with chloroprene sealing and fibre gripping, the EX-F can be placed anywhere within the tube and provides exceptional grip where plug slippage is a concern.