Fiber Tube Plug

Fiber Tube Plug

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The Conco Fiber Tube Plugs are easily installed for emergency and temporary plugging of condenser and heat exchanger tubes.  They expand when wet to effectively seal off the tube.  Conco Fiber Tube Plugs will not damage tubesheets and can be used in temperatures up to 230°F and pressures up to 400 psi.

Features Include:

  • Constructed of vulcanized wood fiber rod
  • Machined to fit specific tube sizes
  • Requires only a mallet for quick, easy installation
  • Designed to operate at pressures up to 400 psi.

How Do Conco Fiber Tube Plugs Work?

Emergency or temporary plugging is fast and easy with the Conco Fiber plug.  The plug material will not damage tubesheets and provides an excellent seal.