2019 Corporate Safety Numbers Announcement

January 16, 2020

I'm pleased to announce that Conco Services Corp. has achieved Goal Zero for the year of 2019!

With the hard work and dedication of our personnel keeping safety as their number one priority on the job, we were able to achieve zero OSHA recordable incidents throughout the organization for the first time in several years.

Safety statistics for 2019 are as follows: 

2019 TRIR is 0.00, 3-year average TRIR is 0.53, and Current EMR is 0.66.

The chart below shows our most current 3-year historical numbers.
Three-year TRIR performance average of .53 is summarized in the following table: 

Year TRIR EMR Total Recordables
2017 1.06 0.674 2
2018 0.53 0.676 1
2019  0.00  0.663 0

Other goals achieved in 2019 include

1) The expansion of the Behavior Based Safety Program, which brought in a record of over 600 observations recorded for trend analysis.
2) The safety department renewed all company safety procedures in accordance with regulation and updated formatting to uniformly flow throughout the organization.
3) Cenco also achieved second place in the Houston Area Safety Council's Small Business Environmental Contractor category of 2019, for the first time.


Safety Goals for 2020 include but are not limited to:

1) Maintaining goal zero and having zero OSHA recordable incidents for a second straight year.
2) Increasing the number of leading indicators gathered from the previous year.
3) Creating and implementing Conco specific 'Life Critical Program,' or 'Life Saving Rules'
Conco remains committed to continuing the goal of achieving zero injuries. We strive tirelessly to maintain an accessible, inviting, safe and professional environment for the safety and well-being of every employee at Conco. Commitment to the safety of our employees has never been stronger. Our employees put their trust in the leadership of Conco and we will never stop working to earn it.

Be Safe!

Edward G. Saxon,
Chief Executive Officer
Conco Services Corporation