FinTech ACC™

FinTech ACC™

FinTech ACC™

Air Cooled Condenser Cleaning with Conco FinTech ACC™

Designed to clean any fin fan, air cooled condenser, Conco FinTech ACC™ cleaning services have restored performance and reliability to units fouled with dust, dirt, debris, pollen, leaves, insects, and even bird and bat carcasses.  FinTech ACC™ has been used in hundreds of power plants, petrochemical plants and refineries worldwide.

Faster, Cleaner, Safer

Fouled surfaces of air cooled condensers can cause performance issues, especially when ambient temperatures start to climb.  Until now, cleaning air cooled units meant tedious work at dangerous heights using fire hoses, hand lances or chemicals.  Fire hoses and hand lances can damage delicate fins, while chemicals present environmental cleanup concerns.

A Dimensional Clean

At the heart of the FinTech ACC™ system is a computer-controlled 12-nozzle water jet assembly.  The assembly travels on tracks at a constant speed and fixed height, ensuring a consistent clean from start to finish.  Water nozzles on the assembly are configured to match fin geometry, ensuring that they clean all the way through, not just on the surface.  The frame and tracks of the system are adjustable for virtually all sizes and layouts of fin-fan exchangers, including flat coolers, vertical coolers, “A” frame and “V” frame configurations.  The system is safe for use on all tube materials including steel, aluminum, brass and copper. 

FinTech ACC™ Features

  • Faster Cleaning – driven at optimal speed, the nozzles clean 325 square feet per hour.
  • Greater Effectiveness – more effective than hand water lancing, foam wash or fire hose.
  • No Waiting – fast production rates, no wait time for heat exchanger cooling
  • Safer – no personnel on scaffolds or exposed to hot, humid conditions during operations.
  • Efficient - FinTech ACC™ cleaning can be performed online.