Air Cooled Condenser Cleaning Services

Vertical cleaning of air-cooled condenser
Horizontal cooler cleaning
Fin coils before and after cleaning

Keeping the finned tube surfaces of your air cooled condenser or fin fan unit clean is imperative to maintaining optimal performance and reliability.  Units fouled with dust, dirt, debris, pollen, leaves and other deposits can rob your plant of precious output.   And as ambient temperatures climb, the impact of surface fouling will cost you even more.  Utilizing the latest in precision high-pressure water jetting technology, Conco’s FinTech ACC™  cleaning service has been used in hundreds of power plants, petrochemical plants and refineries worldwide and has been featured in POWER Magazine and Power Engineering Magazine as “what works” for cleaning air-cooled heat exchanger equipment quickly, effectively and safely. 

The Results Are In

Data compiled from recent air-cooled heat exchanger cleanings by Conco have shown significant improvement in unit performance:

  • Fan speed reductions by up to 50%
  • Steam throughput per hour increased by 30%
  • Pressure drop across unit by 30%
  • Output increased (in megawatts) by up to 20%

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Rosebud Operating Services in Billings Montana routinely utilizes Conco air-cooled condenser cleaning services for their Zurn Balcke-Durr ACC unit.  The 10 cell unit has a surface area of more than 1.6 million square feet.  Rosebud has realized more than a 10% increase in their ACC efficiency and has recovered about 3,000 MWh each year as a result.  According to manager Dan Gray, “we’re saving about $180,000 per year, thanks to Conco.” Read More