Air Preheater Cleaning

Air Preheater Cleaning
Fouled Air Heater Basket
Air Heat Basket Cleaned with NitroLance™

Zero Wastewater Cleaning of Air Heater Baskets with NitroLance™

Cleaning of air heaters in power plants or recovery boilers has been traditionally done with high pressure water, which can produce upwards of five million gallons of wastewater that must be collected and disposed according to EPA guidelines.  Power plants routinely pay higher costs related to the wastewater handling than the actual cleaning!  That is, until now. 

Harnessing the Power of Liquid Nitrogen

Conco’s NitroLance™ UHP Liquid Nitrogen cleaning system uses pressurized liquid nitrogen to power off tough deposits found in rotary air heaters, steam coil air heaters, economizers and superheaters all without producing a single drop of wastewater.  Because liquid nitrogen rapidly evaporates, the only thing left behind is the deposit residue, which can be vacuumed up or blown out.  And because there are no secondary waste streams to deal with, NitroLance™ is an excellent choice for shaving time off your critical path maintenance. 

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Just ask PPL Generation, LLC in Pennsylvania how they utilized NitroLance™ to shave time off their air heater cleaning during their recent critical path maintenance activities at both their Montour and Brunner Island plants. Read More