Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

In conjunction with our Total Condenser Performance™ services including technology-based cleaning and nondestructive examination, Conco laboratory services include the following services for our customers.

Condenser Tube / Heat Exchanger Tube Sampling

Conco crews can safely extract tubing for further laboratory examination and, at your direction, can plug the tubesheet or install a new tube.

Condenser and Boiler Tube Failure Analysis

We provide a comprehensive analysis of tubing in condensers, heat exchangers and boiler tubes to determine root cause failure and assist in the prevention of future failure mechanisms. 

Deposit Analysis

This analysis is used to determine the elemental composition of a given condenser or heat exchanger tube deposit.  After the deposit has been filtered and dried, loss-on-ignition (LOI) testing is performed and a representative portion is analyzed. 

Deposit Weight Density

Full-length tube deposit samples are taken by shooting Conco brand TruFit™ tube cleaners through selected tubes and collecting the deposits.  These samples are filtered, dried and then weighed to determine deposit weight in grams.  Deposit weight and density is determined.  Loss-on-ignition is performed.

Additional Testing Including:

  • Scale thickness measurement
  • Pit depth measurement
  • Metallurgical analysis – grain boundary and microstructure changes
  • Wall loss determination