Leak Detection Services

Leak Detection Services
Leak Detection Services

Condenser air inleakage negatively impacts plant performance, while tube leaks can cause forced outages costing power plants time and money in maintenance and lost productivity.  Using advanced tracer gas leak detection technology, Conco leak detection services can quickly locate sources of leaks within your plant.  Conco has been an innovator and leading provider of leak detection services for more than 30 years and offers both helium and SF6 tracer gas technology using Conco ProSeries™ Leak Detection Systems.  Our crews can detect a wide variety of leaks including:

  • Condenser air in-leakage
  • Condenser tube leaks
  • Sources of dissolved oxygen
  • Stator water system leakage
  • Main generator leakage

Locating Circulating Water Tube Leaks

Circulating water leaks in main condensers can result from penetrations through the tube walls, from joints between the tubes and tubesheet, or from other penetrations between the water box and condenser shell.  Contaminants in the circulating water can change condensate chemistry, which can cause boiler or steam generator corrosion.  Poor water chemistry can also cause stress corrosion cracking of turbine components.  Depending on the leak characteristics, our crews can utilize helium, or ultra-sensitive SF6 tracer gas to find even the smallest leaks. 

Locating Sources of Condenser Air Inleakage

Working with the Electric Power Research Institute, Conco developed the principals in use today for detecting air Inleakage at power plants.  Since 1978, Conco has provided more leak detection inspections to power generation customers than any other company.  Our technician’s average 23+ years in the business which means they can locate sources of inleakage faster and more reliably than anyone, saving you precious time and money.