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PULLING AND RETUBING SERVICES 14 I WWW.CONCO.NET Turn to Conco for all your condenser and heat exchanger retubing needs. Our strong relationships with tube manufacturers and retubing equipment suppliers allow us to bring the best value to you our customer when replacing tubing in your main condenser or other balance of plant heat exchangers. Whether you need to pull and replace 500 5000 or 25000 tubes Conco can provide you with a turnkey operation or work with your existing general contractor as directed. Retube with Confidence... Retube with Conco the Condenser and Heat Exchanger Performance Experts. Conco Innovation Exceeds Expectations Conco recently completed the retubing of 25000 AlBr condenser tubes at a 700 MW coal-fired power plant. The power plant retained the services of the engineering firm who originally installed the condenser to oversee the project. The engineering firm stipulated that prior to installing new tubing tubesheet holes must undergo and pass a white glove inspection for cleanliness. Because Conco also specializes in condenser tube cleaning services they were able to quickly innovate technology for meeting the engineering firms cleanliness requirement. Conco engineers adapted a tool that performed cleaning utilizing rotating brush technology while simultaneously applying a cleaning agent. Once clean the same tool was used to buff the tubesheet holes to achieve a white glove finish. An engineering company spokesman said The process was extremely efficient and underscored the benefit of having a multi-disciplined company like Conco on the project. Choosing the BestTube Material Starts with Conco Conco crews are experts in condenser and heat exchanger retubing. In addition to proving the know-how for your retubing project Conco can work with you to determine the appropriate tubing material best suited for your application. Not sure of what type of tube material to use Let us put our knowledge of 90 plus years of tube cleaning and testing to work for you. We can give you the pros and cons of available tube materials and help you come up with the ideal plan. Our relationship with the top names in tubing allows us to provide in depth education to our customers on the best choice for their site-specific conditions. Retubing isnt just about how many linear feet a company can install its about how a company can bring together the best resources for the application combined with almost 90 years experience on how that tubing holds up to fouling and other environmental factors.