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The ProSeries Excaliber Flex ShaftTube Cleaning System Equipped with a 3.9 kW 5.25 HP motor the ProSeries Excaliber Flex Shaft Tube Cleaning System gives Conco crews the torque needed to scour away any deposit. This compact portable system features a brush mounted to the tip of a flexible shaft rotating at up to 2500 RPM and water flush to remove debris. As the flexible shaft rotates water is pumped through the shaft casing to the cleaning tool flushing away deposits as they are loosened. No electricity is required. The Excaliber uses plant air and water and is activated with a simple foot pedal. It is ideal for cleaning heat exchanger tubes from 10 to 38 mm 38 to 112 O.D. with heavy wall deposits or where limited access prevents conventional tube shooting. HydroDrillTube Cleaning Systems Utilizing a water flush and rotary drilling action Conco HydroDrill Tube Cleaning Systems are the fastest and most effective way to remove difficult deposits from the inside of heat exchanger tubes chemical reactors condensers re-boilers and absorbers. Sized properly the heavy duty Dominator and hand held Mitee Mouse II units are designed for maximum cleaning effectiveness. Both units will quickly scour away hard deposits such as coke calcium sulfur bauxite asphalt oxides and baked-on hard polymers. Depending on the system used Conco crews can remove obstructions from any type of tube ranging from 13 to 70 mm 12 to 234 O.D. and up to 18 m 60 in length. Completely blocked tubes can be restored to 100 of the original tube I.D. in one pass. HydroDrill tube cleaning is fast typically clearing 6 m 20 long tubes in only 30 to 90 seconds each. The system can even accommodate tubes that are bowed since the long slender Kelly Rod or Extension Rod that drives the bit inherently bends to follow the tube. Both HydroDrills are easy to set up and operate. A Conco crew can be in-the-cut in less than one hour. In the last 30 years the HydroDrill system has successfully cleaned thousands of heat exchanger tubes worldwide. Established 1923 I 5