Total Condenser Performance!
We are excited about the launch of our new program for power generation customers called Total Condenser Performance.  The program features core services that we believe can help our customers achieve the perfect balance of condenser efficiency and reliability.  With Conco Total Condenser Performance, our customers will enjoy improved heat rate, improved megawatt output, reduced fuel usage, reduced emissions, and reduced risk of force outage due to condenser tube related problems.
Your sales representatives will be rolling out the advantages of Total Condenser Performance to you over the coming months.  If you want to request a brochure, contact your closest Conco office and we'll get one to you right away.
Clean for Efficiency. Clean for Reliability.
Achieving the perfect balance of condenser efficiency and reliability has been the Holy Grail for power plant engineers over the years, but it doesn't have to be difficult to achieve.  One of the fundamental reasons condensers need to be kept clean is to maintain plant efficiency, but did you know that many condensers are experiencing forced outages because of underdeposit corrosion related tube failures?
Tube failures can, and often do, occur when deposits are not fully removed from condenser tubing.  Many power plants are taking the time and investing the resources to clean condenser tubing.  However, often the tube cleaner selected isn't suitable for removal of the deposit types present.  In the case referenced above, while the tube cleaner was able to remove some of what appeared to be the loose and soft deposit, it was unable to remove a tenacious layer of manganese underneath.  Over the course of a year, the manganese increased in thickness and caused the condenser efficiency to plummet.  In addition, microbiological organisms protected by the layer of manganese were oblivious to the poorly manufactured and undersized cleaner passing overhead, and were eating away tube material undisturbed.  The cost to the utility was enormous, the time and resources invested yielded little return.  In fact, the lost revenue and subsequent damage to the boiler from tube leaks by far surpassed any anticipated savings.   
Choose the Best Cleaner for the Job
Part of what makes Conco tube cleaners with TruFit technology work so well, is that they are engineered to exact tube dimensions and have fouling-specific architecture.  For example, the Conco C3S heavy-duty tube cleaner could have saved the plant mentioned above time and money, because it's reinforced blades would not have simply passed over the manganese; but rather, removed it completely, leaving a polished and smooth tube surface.
Understanding that tube cleaning can improve overall plant performance, while dramatically reducing the likelihood of a tube failure related outage, is just another reason why Conco Total Condenser Performance is all you really need to know to get the most out of your condenser.  
Mark Your Calendars for Power-Gen on December 8-10 in Las Vegas! 
Join over 18,000 attendees in Las Vegas for the industry's fastest-paced, three-day information exchange designed to share practical experiences, knowledge and ideas on the latest power industry trends and challenges.  The event kicks off on December 8, and Team Conco will be located in booth C4-213 providing the latest information on our Total Condenser Performance program.  Also, you'll get the opportunity to get your hands on our newest catalog featuring exciting new brands and information on the most effective tube cleaners in the business.

Be sure to mark your calendars for this exciting event.  If you need more information on Power-Gen International, visit their website at or email us.  We'd love to hear from you.
Conco at European VGB Conference
Conco VGB LogoHistoric Lyon, France played host to the annual meeting of the VGB Congress Power Plants convention this past September 23-25.  This year's theme was "Addressing Climate Change - Winning Public Acceptance Through Advanced Technologies", and representatives from Conco Systems SPRL, our full service office located in Brussels, particpated in the event.  The VGB Congress is a gathering of European power generation companies including fossil, nuclear and hydro.  
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New Brochure 
Total Condenser Performance Brochure Image
Conco is pleased to announce the release of our newest brochure, Total Condenser Performance.
The 32 page full color brochure has comprehensive information on achieving the perfect balance of condenser efficiency and reliability through effective tube cleaning, eddy current testing and leak detection services.  This brochure also highlights Conco ProSeries tube cleaning systems and Leak Detection Systems as well as the full line of Conco Tube Cleaners featuring TruFit technology. 
You can view it online, or contact us for a copy mailed to you!
1923: Conco Tube Cleaners Introduced to the World  

In 1923, Conco introduced the world to the first mechanical tube cleaner that could remove condenser fouling in a single step.  The Conco cleaner was the answer to achieving optimal heat transfer, increased megawatt output and eliminating corrosion related tube failures in condensers and heat exchangers.
Now, almost 90 years and 100 million tubes later, Conco stands as the world leader in condenser related products and services for the power generation industry.  Our Total Condenser Performance lineup of services, including condenser tube cleaning, leak detection and eddy current testing, can help ensure your condenser remains efficient and reliable during its operating cycle. 

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