Get More For Your Maintenance Dollars in 2010 with CONCO ServicesMaximize your Maintenance ROI
With the financial crisis of 2009 still fresh in our minds, it's more important than ever to make wise decisions when it comes to your maintenance budgets.  CONCO customers routinely enjoy condenser performance improvements with our cleaning services that represent 300%, 500% even 1000% returns on their investment for their maintenance dollars spent.  Consider also the returns you get in overall improvement in plant heat rate, reduction in fuel consumption and reduced emissions from operating an efficient condenser. 
With budgets tightening, make CONCO part of your New Years Resolution to get more ROI for your maintenance dollars!  Call us today to learn how our Total Condenser Performance lineup of services can help you achieve the perfect balance of condenser efficiency AND reliability.
CONCO Field Notes:
Chemical Cleaning of Condenser Presents Extraordinary Challenge for Midwest Plant
Makeup water for power stations frequently comes from a surface supply such as a lake or river.  Table 1 outlines a snapshot analysis of the primary cations and anions in the makeup water from a cooling lake in the Midwest area of the United States.
As the table indicates, impurities with the highest concentrations include the hardness ions, calcium and magnesium (Ca+2 and Mg+2 respectively) and bicarbonate ions (HCO3-2).  All other natural water supplies have these ions, sometimes in lesser and sometimes in greater concentrations.  Often, managers, engineers and chemists at plants with once-through cooling systems may only give passing thought to scale formation in condensers.  This oversight can be costly because the water that comes in from the lake or river and is later discharged is not exactly the same.  Unlike familiar compounds such as table salt or sugar, calcium carbonate is less soluble as temperatures increase, so as the cooling water warms in the condenser or auxiliary heat exchangers, scale formation is a distinct possibility.  So was the case for a 1700 MW Midwestern coal-fired power station that recently began to have problems with calcium scale buildup...   Continue with story
Join us in Bismarck for the Energy Generation Conference Jan 26-28, 2010 
We invite you to stop by CONCO booth # 301 at the 31st Annual Energy Generation Conference at the Bismarck Civic Center in North Dakota.  This event has evolved into the premier energy industry conference in North America.  Technical experts and industry professionals from across the continent will present a wide variety of educational topics.  Your CONCO sales representatives are eager to meet with you and discuss how our Total Condenser Performance™ lineup of services can help you achieve the perfect balance of condenser efficiency and reliability. 
For more information on the conference, visit the official website.
Do You have High Confidence in YOUR Tube Plugs?   
CONCO High Confidence PlugWhen you have to plug off leaking tubes in your condenser or heat exchangers, the last thing you want to worry about is plug slippage or failure.  The patented CONCO High Confidence tube plug is absolutely the best reusable plug available.  Tested at pressures in excess of 1,000 PSI and available in a variety of sizes and materials, the High Confidence plug uses a unique two-stage gripping and sealing design to ensure a tight High Confidence seal.
One of the best things about the CONCO High Confidence plug is they don't damage your tubes unlike pound in or pneumatically installed plugs, and can be reused over and over.  The High Confidence plug is made in brass, bronze, stainless and titanium so you can assure a perfect match for your tubing.   More Information
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CONCO Field Notes
Energy Generation Conference
High Confidence Tube Plugs
Tube Failures Got You Down?
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Did You Get Your Copy? 
Total Condenser Performance Brochure Image
Conco is pleased to announce the release of our newest brochure, Total Condenser Performance™.
The 32 page full color brochure has comprehensive information on achieving the perfect balance of condenser efficiency and reliability through effective tube cleaning, eddy current testing and leak detection services.  This brochure also highlights Conco ProSeries™ tube cleaning systems and Leak Detection Systems as well as the full line of Conco Tube Cleaners featuring TruFit™ technology. 
You can view it online, or contact us for a copy mailed to you!
Tube Failures?  Try CONCO Eddy Current Testing Services

CONCO Eddy Current Testing
Conco eddy current testing services are performed for all utility and commercial customers on all types of non-ferrous tubing in condensers, heat exchangers and chillers included in the steam cycle, cooling water systems and/or service water systems. 
Eddy Current testing helps to prevent forced outages by detecting various defects such as pitting, cracking, corrosion, erosion, grooving, steam impingement and tube-support fretting that cause failures.
CONCO NDE personnel are fully certified in accordance with the American Society of Non Destructive Testing (ASNT) SNT-TC-1A guidelines. More Information on our website 

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:  Energy Generation Conference - Bismarck, ND  

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Mar 8-11: SWANA Landfill Gas Symposium - San Diego, CA
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