Give Us Two or Three Days, We'll Give You Two Or Three Megawatts! 
Spring is almost upon us and before you know it, we'll be in the hot humid days of summer which means increased energy demand. Megawatt prices increase and unit availability becomes critical. For plants with steam surface condensers, the rise in cooling water temperature can place stress on the condenser in the form of increased bio-fouling and the plating of minerals on to tube surfaces. Plants with air-cooled condensers will begin suffering an energy penalty as ambient temperatures climb in addition to having to deal with increased airborne pollutants fouling external fin surfaces. No matter your condenser design, the name of the game is "be prepared." 
With the economy still reeling from 2009 and budgets strained, some power plants opted to postpone their regular condenser cleaning. At Conco, we'd like to remind you that there is still time to get your unit ready for peak demand. Our Total Condenser Performance™ lineup of services are all designed to quickly and economically prepare your unit for peak efficiency and reliable operation. Consider also, when megawatt prices are at their highest in the summer months, a quick weekend 2 or 3 day condenser clean can yield an additional 2 or 3 megawatts and 1-2% plant heat rate improvement translating to millions of dollars of increased revenue.  So, remember, the next time you have the opportunity to gain a megawatt or two, whether it is a mini-outage or unexpected shutdown, give us a call, Conco is ready when you are. 
Are Your Tube Cleaners a TruFit™?
We recently received a question from a new customer asking, "What makes Conco tube cleaners more effective at cleaning tubes than other cleaners on the market?" This is an important question, because not all tube cleaners are created equal. The primary reason why Conco tube cleaners are more effective is because they feature TruFit
™ technology.  This technology ensures that the cleaner is an ideal size for your tube dimensions, while also a perfect match to the type of fouling
 in your heat exchanger tubes.  The fundamental idea behind TruFit™ technology is that tube fouling and deposits come in many forms, and so to should your tube cleaner.  Conco is the only company to manufacture a complete line of cleaners capable of cleaning every category of condenser tube fouling.  Beware of tube cleaners that claim to fit a "range" of tube dimensions as they can damage your tubes.  You wouldn't wear shoes that fit three different sized feet, so don't subject your tubes to generic sized cleaners!
The image to the right shows an actual C4S cleaner with TruFit™ technology inside a condenser tube.  You'll see how perfectly the radial cleaning surfaces of the C4S matches the inner diameter of the tube.  The spring-loaded blades feature no sharp edges and keep the cleaner perfectly centered.  The Conco C4S is the world's most widely used brand of tube cleaner.  For more information or a product demonstration, call us today at 1-800-345-3476.
From the Mail Bag

Dear Conco;
I have a success story for our recent outage at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. The success is for the work Conco did cleaning the Unit 1 condensers.  Conco utilized TruFit™ tube cleaners on 49,000 tubes (8,250 per waterbox) and did not lose a single cleaner in the process.  They developed and implemented a method to ensure any dropped cleaners would not fall below the waterbox inlet screen.   It is not uncommon to lose cleaners during this process, and I don't recall an outage that we didn't lose a few. Zero loss is a great job. Conco also implemented a new tube cleaner counting system that minimized the human performance risk of counting 8,250 scrapers by hand after each waterbox is cleaned.   Conco's capture method will be used by Calvert Cliffs Nuclear for future waterbox tasks, where loss of small items may be a concern. 
Conco also exhibited very strong ownership when they noted two areas of concern inside the waterboxes that were outside their scope of work.   They noted possible tube sag in the 11A titanium tubes and noted some tubesheet coating damage in 13B waterbox.  Neither of these issues is significant for Calvert Cliffs as the titanium tubes are staked mid-span due to the lighter wall thickness vs. SS tubes and the coating damage will be repaired under the coating inspection and repair program.   But this shows great ownership and engagement with the welfare of Calvert Cliff's equipment by Conco. 
Paul Gray
Principal Engineer
Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
Give Us Two or Three Days
Are Your Cleaners a TruFit™
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Visit Conco at the 12th Annual Conference of Electric Power

Electric Power is the largest coal power conference in the U.S. and will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center on May 18-20 in Baltimore, Maryland.  We cordially invite you to visit us at booth 1735. 
The Conco booth will be conveniently located just three short rows across from the registration desk.  This year, we'll be discussing how Total Condenser Performance™
can help you achieve the perfect balance of efficiency and reliability at your plant and giving away Total Condenser Performance™ prizes!
Upcoming Events
April 22: ASME Plant Engineering, Inspection & Maintenance - Pasadena TX
May 18-20: Electric Power - Baltimore, MD
May 25-28:  NPRA Reliability and Maintenance - San Antonio, TX
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June 8-10: Southwest Utility Chemistry Workshop - San Diego, CA
July 13-15: ASME Power - Chicago, IL
Sept 13-15: Condenser Seminar - Atlanta, GA
Tube Leaks or Air Ingress? Call Conco!

Did you know that Conco is the largest provider of leak detection services to power generation facilities in the United States?  Our staff of technicians have an average of 23 years field experience and know how to find leaks better than anyone in the business.
Depending on your situation, Conco crews can mobilize with either helium or sulfur hexafluoride based technology to quickly locate sources of leaks within your vacuum boundary and main condenser.  A typical 500 MW unit can be fully tested in a single shift.
Also, many customers are including regular leak detection surveys as a way to keep total inleakage to a minimum.  Don't wait for a failure to consider having leak detection performed.  By reducing total air ingress, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in more efficient operation.