Plant Recovers 2500 MW and Breaks Annual Production Record with FinTech ACC™ 
"It has completely changed the operating dynamics of this facility"   This quote from Dan Gray, Director of Operations at Rosebud Operating Services outside Billings, Montana USA, is referring to his recent experience with CONCO's FinTech ACC™ cleaning.    The Rosebud facility provides process steam to ExxonMobil and electricity to a local utility.  Their unit operates at 95% base load and features a Balcke-Durr ACC producing 416,863 lb. /hr. steam flow across 10 cells covering an area of 1,606,112 sq. ft.   Recently the efficiency of the unit began to drop, especially in high ambient temperatures, and the associated backpressure was costing the plant big.  The plant had to start shedding load at ambient temperatures approaching the 80°F mark, and the production loss was exceeding 3000 megawatts annually and getting worse.  That's when Dan called CONCO for assistance.
FinTech ACC in Action
FinTech ACC in Action
CONCO's FinTech ACC™ system utilizes a computer driven carriage to accurately deliver an optimally shaped, overlapping jet of high-pressure water to the surface area of the air-cooled condenser fin coils.  The water jets match the geometry of the coils, thanks to a fully customizable assembly built for CONCO by JNW cleaning systems of Germany and provide enough cleaning force to fully clean completely through the bundle, without damaging delicate finned tube surfaces.  In Rosebud's case, the removal of accumulated airborne fouling like cottonwood, pet coke and fly ash improved their unit's performance by more than 10%.  The unit started showing measurable performance improvements during the first one-quarter cleaned said Gray.   And, because FinTech ACC™ is remotely operated; no personnel are required to climb on the unit, which allows the entire cleaning operation to be conducted on-line.
In the case of Rosebud, post cleaning results showed that the ACC unit could now go into the 90°F ambient temperature range before considering load shedding, and net megawatt hours lost have been reduced from over 3000+ NMWH to just 500 NMWH annually. 
To learn how CONCO's FinTech ACC™ can make your plant's ACC appear more "Rosey", call CONCO today.

NitroLance Featured in Power Magazine
Power Magazine is featuring a NitroLance™ success story in its "Focus on O&M" column for the month of October.   The article examines how a power plant reaped the benefits of the NitroLance™ zero-waste cleaning capabilities when cleaning their air preheaters and shaved off considerable time during their recent critical path maintenance.  In case you aren't aware, NitroLance™ utilizes liquid nitrogen to remove deposits from heat exchange surfaces instead of water.  During conventional water-based air preheater cleaning, hundreds of thousands of gallons of wastewater are produced, requiring the power plant to carefully collect and dispose in accordance with EPA guidelines.  This collection process is time consuming and expensive, often costing plants more money than the actual cleaning!  With NitroLance™, the system doesn't produce any wastewater, so power plants save precious time (and money) during their air preheater cleanings.

To learn how NitroLance™ can save your plant time and money, call CONCO today.

Atlanta, Georgia to Essen, Germany -
September Was a Busy Month for Conco
Seminar Draws Global Audience
The campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology played host to the first annual Condenser Life Cycle Seminar on September 13-15, which was jointly sponsored by CONCO Systems, Plastocor, RetubeCo and Plymouth Tube Co.  The event, which brought together experts on topics across the entire life cycle of the condenser, was a big success with attendees from as far away as Hawaii and the United Kingdom in attendance.  CONCO made presentations on its Total Condenser Performance™services, including tube cleaning, leak detection and nondestructive testing.  Additionally, during the first evening's cocktail reception, attendees were treated to a "hands-on" demonstration of CONCO technology. 

Ursula Becker and Paulina Wauters of Conco SPRL
On the other side of the pond, CONCO exhibited at the annual VGB Congress in Essen, Germany on September 22-24.  Representatives from CONCO, Paulina Wauters, Ursula Becker and Frederic Bedoret, explained to utility attendees how CONCO's technology could help improve plant efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.  "Technologies for a Low-Carbon Future" was the theme for this year's congress, and CONCO's Total Condenser Performance™services have been shown to remove up to 10 million pounds of CO2 emissions per 500 megawatt unit from the environment when performed on an annual basis.

ACC Cleaning Case
NitroLance Featured
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 Total Condenser Performance Brochure Image
Request your copy of Total Condenser Performance™ today!  The 32 page full color brochure has comprehensive information on achieving the perfect balance of condenser efficiency and reliability through effective tube cleaning, eddy current testing and leak detection services.

This brochure also highlights Conco ProSeries™ tube cleaning systems and Leak Detection Systems as well as the full line of Conco Tube Cleaners featuring TruFit™ technology. 
You can view it online, or contact us for a copy mailed to you!

Pit Stop Campaign

November 21st is the running of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Ford 400 Championship race at Homestead Speedway in Florida and quite a few Conco customers will be in attendance thanks to their participation in the Conco Pit Stop campaign.  Plant's that registered for the event and had their condenser cleanings performed during the month's of June, July and August were eligible for tickets to the race!

Race tickets will be mailed out soon, so be on the lookout if you qualified!  See YOU at the Races!   
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