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NitroLance™ Air Heater Cleaning Paper Debuts at ASME Power Conference in Denver Last Week.

This year's ASME Power Conference was co-located with the International Conference on Power Engineering (ICOPE) and held July 12-14 in Denver, Colorado.  Conco's Al Hovland, P.E., presented his technical paper to a packed session on Innovations in Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) on the topic of air preheater cleaning using pressurized liquid nitrogen in lieu of water.

The typical air preheater cleaning generates millions of gallons of wastewater that must be collected, transported and disposed.  The Conco NitroLance™ featured in Hovland's paper uses a dry, high pressure stream of liquid nitrogen that produces no secondary waste stream, and provides a solution to the power industries fly ash removal problem by eliminating slurry ponds that can present a huge potential for ecological disaster like the recent spill of 1.1 billion gallons of coal fly ash in Tennessee.

Additional benefits of utilizing liquid nitrogen according to Hovland, was speed, especially where critical path maintenance activities are concerned.  The technology behind NitroLance™ allowed a recent customer, PPL Generation, to shave a significant chunk of time off their planned cleaning of their steam coil air heater, and use that time elsewhere.  Where time is money, the technology can save plants millions of dollars in lieu of water-based cleaning methods.  

In addition to providing exceptional results for air heaters, NitroLance™ is also being used to clean HRSG units faster, and more effectively than CO2 blasting.  For more information on the technology, head over to the NitroLance™ page at the Conco website.
Conco Expands NitroLance™ Fleet with Addition of Second Mobile Platform
Conco announces the expansion of its NitroLance™ liquid nitrogen cleaning service with the addition of a second, North American mobile NitroLance system.  “The latest addition to our fleet represents the state-of-the-art in mobile delivery of ultra-high pressure liquid nitrogen cleaning for our industrial customers” says Eric Fayard, Conco Marketing Manager.  “The second NitroLance platform is a modern, self-sufficient vehicle that features a fully equipped workshop, lab and technical support center allowing Conco crews to work at high levels of efficiency in delivering the NitroLance cleaning service.”   “NitroLance offers our customers significantly faster turnarounds on cleaning of industrial equipment with the added benefits that only liquid nitrogen can offer including no secondary waste streams, zero cross-contamination and zero volatility or reactivity with all deposit types. 
Online Ordering of Conco TruFit™ Cleaners and Plugs Now Available!
With the launch of our newly updated website, Conco is pleased to offer online ordering of our popular TruFit™ tube cleaners and plugs.  The online ordering system allows our customers the flexibility of using their Mastercard or Visa, as well as a purchase order!  Now, customers can order cleaners and plugs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  To set up your account for online ordering, simply call our internet account services team at 1-800-345-3476.  The phone call is free, and the process will take less than five minutes of your time. 

Conco TruFit™ tube cleaners and plugs, available by phone, fax and now, online!  Call us today to set up your online ordering!   For every customer who sets up online ordering during the months of July and August, we'll send you a golf hat, shirt and balls for the next time you're on the links!

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Ready to achieve Total Condenser Performance™ at your plant?  Drop us a line at our new online quote form and we'll provide you with a no-nonsense plan to achieve the perfect balance of efficiency and reliability for your condensers and balance-of-plant heat exchange equipment.

Whether you need cleaning or testing services, only Conco provides Total Condenser Performance™ services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
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Conco's Total Condenser Performance™ brochure provides a wealth of information on the full range of condenser and heat exchanger related products and services we offer.  You may request a brochure be sent to you, or, you may view the Conco Total Condenser Performance brochure online.  
2012 Condenser Life Cycle Seminar
Plan on attending the "don't miss condenser event" of 2012 by registering early for the Condenser Life Cycle Seminar, to be held in San Antonio, Texas on February 13-15, 2012.  

What a great time to avoid the winter chill by joining your colleagues in the warm climes of Texas to discuss real-world challenges, best practices and innovations in condenser reliability, availability and maintainability.  Stop by the
seminar website for more information.
Tube Leaks Cost Everyone
Condenser tube leaks caused over 6,000 forced outages and derates last year, removing over 9 MILLION megawatt hours from the grid.  If your plant isn't performing eddy current testing to avoid tube failures, you are operating on borrowed time.  With megawatts soaring during peak summer months, don't take a chance, call Conco for fully certified non-destructive testing services today!

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