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Effective Tube Cleaning begins
with an Effective Tube Cleaner
March Energy Tech CoverAs featured in the March issue of Energy Tech Magazine, this article focuses on the importance of selecting the proper tube cleaner that will provide the most effective level of cleaning for your condenser or balance-of-plant heat exchangers.  During outage, it can be hectic, and many times, maintenance managers in charge of the condenser can often forget to include in their specification, a specific type of cleaner, or, a cleaner designed to remove the condenser's site-specific fouling.  The best way to achieve the biggest return-on-investment for your condenser cleaning, is through proper selection of the right tool and that begins with asking the right questions.  Whether you choose to clean yourself, or are planning to hire a contractor, understanding the fouling profile of your condenser is key to choosing the most effective cleaner.  For more valuable information from this article, visit our technical papers & articles page and click to read the top story.
Power Plants Prefer the Conco System

Power Plant Preference Graph

When it comes to condenser cleaning, the majority of power plants (67%) have a preference for offline mechanical tube cleaners and brushes like those manufactured by Conco.  Both high-pressure water and online ball cleaning systems were preferred by 14% of plants polled, and only 5% of plants indicated they were still utilizing chemicals.  Top issues cited for preferences included effective cleaning, safety, ease of use and lower cost.  Much of the value that Conco brings in addition to our full line of TruFit™ tube cleaners, is our expertise in eddy current testing, leak detection and air preheater cleaning.  We truly provide Total Performance™ to the end-user for their heat exchangers resulting in better value-for-money, less hassle and a seamless integration of our unique platform of services.

For more information on how Conco can help you achieve this level of performance, whether it's a single heat exchanger or a large network, call us today.

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Total Condenser Performance™ Workshop at 2012 ASME Power

If you are planning on attending the ASME 2012 Power Conference in Anaheim July 30 - August 3, don't miss your opportunity to attend the Total Condenser Performance™ Workshop focusing on improving the efficiency, reliability and availability of your plant's condenser, and balance-of-plant exchangers.  Registration for ASME Power will open towards the end of April, so be sure to save the date!  For more information on the ASME 2012 Power Conference and the workshop, visit the following link here.
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Tube Cleaning Services

Clean tubes are a fundamental component of achieving Total Performance™ at your plant.  Conco crews have serviced over 100 million condenser & heat exchanger tubes worldwide and our patented cleaning technologies allow our customers a wider range of flexibility and effective cleaning than other methods. For more information visit our tube cleaning services page.
Eddy Current Testing

Clean tubes mean better data collection when it comes to eddy current testing of condenser or heat exchanger tubing.  Conco provides both cleaning and certified nondestructive testing to give our customers a seamless and cost-effective approach to achieving profitability, productivity and reliability.  For more information on our eddy current testing services, visit our website.
Leak Detection Services

Conco's TotalTracer™ approach to finding condenser air inleakage or circulating water tube leaks is absolutely the best in the business.  We can combine the use of both helium and SF6 to find leaks that others can't.  If you're interested in tightening up your vacuum boundary, or have a more serious concern regarding a leaking tube, get more information on our leak detection services page.
Air Preheater Cleaning

Learn how Conco liquid nitrogen cleaning can save your plant time & money over traditional water-based cleaning methods.  Unlike water, liquid nitrogen produces NO secondary waste streams, which means NO wastewater related collection or disposal costs (or time) are incurred.  Consider this the next time you're operating on critical path maintenance as a way to shave a day (or two) off your maintenance schedule.
Upcoming Power Events

April 23: North American Waste to Energy, Portland, Maine

June 5: Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop, Champagne, Illinois

June 12: NALCO Keystone Power Conference, Pittsburgh, PA

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