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Welcome to the online edition of Conco Systems "In the Tube" newsletter.  Our focus this issue is on tubes.  Specifically, your condenser tubes, and how to keep them in tip-top shape during your operating cycle.  In this issue, learn about the newest technical paper looking at how effective cleaning and eddy current testing can all but eliminate tube failures and leaks.  Also, read how Conco successfully retubed 25,000 tubes in record time at CS Energy's Callide Power Station in Australia.

We hope you enjoy this digital edition of "In the Tube" and should you have any questions, please contact us.
New Paper Examines Tube Failure Prevention
Recently, information has been presented by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) regarding the large number of forced and scheduled outages power plants are experiencing as a result of condenser tube failures.  Conco presented a brand new technical paper at Electric Power this year in Chicago discussing how power generators can dramatically reduce the risk of tube failures through an effective condenser tube failure prevention program incorporating tube cleaning and eddy current testing.

The paper titled "Preventing Condenser Tube Failures Through Effective Cleaning and Nondestructive Testing" is available now. 

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Are Your Cleaners a TruFit?

Choosing the correct tube cleaner should be easy.  But, with all the choices on the market today, it's important to consider what type of engineering goes into the tube cleaner you use on your expensive condenser tubing.  Take Conco tube cleaners with TruFit technology for example.  Conco cleaners are designed and engineered to fit your exact tube dimensions, including wall thickness.  Other less expensive imitators on the market "claim" that their cleaners can be used in a variety of tube sizes, but you wouldn't buy shoes that fit three different feet would you?

Conco tube cleaners with TruFit ensure your tubes get effectively cleaned and won't harm your tubes with sharp edges or improper sizing.  With Conco, you can always expect a TruFit!
Conco Shows at Electric Power 2009!
This year's Electric Power 2009 was held at the spacious Stephens Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois.  Over 400 speakers in 100+ sessions ensured there was something to peak almost anyone's interest.  Conco was pleased to support the show and arrived with our large 20 foot display in tow.  Our customers had an excellent opportunity to catch up with their Conco representatives on the trade show floor. 

If you missed the show, we hope you are able to visit us at the upcoming ASME Power 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico!  Hope to see you there!
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Preventing Tube Failure
TruFit Tube Cleaners
Electric Power 2009
Australian Retube
Tube Deposit Analysis
Australian Retube Completes On Time

April and May were busy months for Conco crews in our Australian office.  Our crews provided retubing services to the CS Energy Callide power station in Queensland starting in April and concluding late May.  The project entailed replacing over 25,000 AlBr tubes that reached their useful life after 25 years in service.

Conco was contracted by the condenser manufacturer Downer EDi Engineering to undertake the mammoth task.  Conco and our friends at Retubeco worked in concert to provide absolutely the best service, finishing the project on time.
Do I Need Tube Deposit Analysis?

One of the benefits of Conco tube cleaning services is the ability to capture whole tube deposit samples.  When you have a clear picture of what type of fouling is present and to what degree, you can make better decisions regarding cleaning type and frequency.

In addition, Conco Deposit Analysis provides your chemistry department with all the information they need to properly dose the cooling water for the prevention of fouling!  

High pressure water and chemical cleaning can't capture whole tube deposits like Conco can!

Call us today for a no-nonsense solution to your fouling problems.

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