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Conco Excels at French Plant

Conco is pleased to share the outstanding work of Conco Systems SPRL, who successfully cleaned a well-known refinery located near Le Havre in Western France.

Conco technicians serviced a tube bundle exchanger with the NitroLance Liquid Nitrogen system. In less than three days on a tight schedule, Conco successfully cleaned 90% of the tubes, removing over 1300 kg of deposits.

The job required flexibility and quick adaptation to the cleaning needs and requests of the employer, from cleaning tubes to cleaning the exchanger shell to drilling open 50 completely blocked tubes. When previously cleaned with high pressure water in 2006, the exchanger required almost two weeks of work to be cleaned sufficiently.

The project achieved dynamic results typical of Conco applications. The project was:

  • FAST: Completed in a three-day window - a fraction of the fourteen days required for conventional cleaning
  • SMALL: An experienced three-man team was on-site
  • SAFE: Liquid nitrogen is safer than high pressure water and required less clean-up

2012 Conco International Forum and Expo

Conco Systems had the great pleasure of hosting the second annual Conco International Forum and Expo in Pittsburgh, PA. Conco hosted representatives and partners from nine different countries from across the globe. The attendees learned more about the Conco products and services - and even had the opportunity to use the tube cleaners, drills and pumps in a hands-on demonstration! The guests were also treated to a variety of local events in the city, including attending a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game and exploring the city of Pittsburgh on a Just Ducky amphibious tour.

The International Forum and Expo is a great opportunity for power generation companies, petrochemical plants and refineries around the world to learn more about Conco's products and services. To obtain more information about our next Forum and Expo, contact the Conco offices today.

Conco Featured in Energy & Infrastructure Magazine

This summer's edition of Energy & Infrastructure featured an article entitled "Creating the Game," highlighting Conco and its history in the tube cleaning industry. Conco invented the industry in 1923 and dominates today through customer service, innovation and total performance.

The article also spotlights the NitroLance, which utilizes high-pressure liquid nitrogen to remove deposits from industrial heat exchangers with no water waste. The NitroLance is the best choice for difficult tube fouling.

Check out the pdf! >>

Conco Partners with Plymouth Tube

Conco Systems is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Plymouth Tube Company to expand both brands in Australia. Conco will represent Plymouth Tube’s condenser and feedwater tubing to Australian industrial customers.

This partnership reinforces Conco’s commitment to global growth, and in particular, expands the scope of re-tubing jobs performed by Conco Systems in Australia. Conco Systems serve as the leaders of Total Performance in Australia, utilizing exclusive heat exchanger and condenser tube cleaning technology and now will also offers re-tubing services.

Plymouth Tube Co. is a specialty manufacturer of precision steel Tubing, steel and titanium Near-Net Shapes, and steel and titanium Cold Drawn Shapes.

For The Cure
Thanks to our customers, Conco was happy to make a generous donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the world’s largest breast cancer organization. Conco contributed to the Foundation for each online customer satisfaction survey completed. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Tube Cleaning
Conco created the world's first offline mechanical tube cleaning system, and our technology has safely and effectively cleaned over 150 million tubes worldwide. We don't rely on two or three cleaner designs and hope that they remove your deposits, we've engineered over a dozen cleaners with fouling specific architecture that provide effective cleaning tube after tube.
Leak Detection Services
Conco provides both condenser tube leak detection as well as air inleakage detection for our power generation clients. Our teams can quickly mobilize to find leaks and save your plant money. Heat exchanger tube leaks can cause serious problems to your boiler and turbine, so don't delay in calling us to locate the source of your tube leak. With over 30 years experience in leak detection you can rest assured we'll find your leak.
Nondestructive Testing
In addition to effective cleaning, regular performance of eddy current testing can help your plant eliminate the risk of a forced outage due to an exchanger tube leak. Our eddy current testing teams can find tube defects BEFORE they can cause a costly outage. Don't wait until the damage is already done. Just one unplanned outage can cost you more money than a complete eddy current inspection of your entire heat exchanger!
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