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Pit Stop for Improved Performance

In motorsports, a pit stop is where a racing vehicle stops in the pits during a race for refueling, new tires, repairs, mechanical adjustments, a driver change, or any combination of the above.  In power generation, the Conco Pit Stop is a term to describe our reduced load condenser cleaning capabilities where we can provide improved output and efficiency for power plants during the summer months over a short two day weekend when load is light. This "Pit Stop" approach allows power plants to squeeze extra megawatts out of their unit, when megawatts are selling at their highest.  Reduced load cleaning involves the process of isolating a condenser waterbox, draining it, and cleaning that section.  The process repeats itself after that box has been cleaned and put back into service.

Whether you are pulling into the pits for a fuel change, or cleaning a condenser during the summer months, both strategies can mean the difference between a win and a loss.  For more information on having Conco perform a Pit Stop cleaning for you, call us today.
Total Condenser Performance™
Workshop at ASME Power 2012

If you are planning on attending the combined ICONE/ASME Power Conference on July 30 - August 3, 2012 in Anaheim, California, you have got to attend the Total Condenser Performance™ half-day preconference workshop on July 30th.  The workshop provides practical information that you can use at your plant to provide the perfect balance of condenser efficiency and reliability.  Topics at the workshop include:
  • Fouling Mitigagation and mechanical cleaning
  • Air and water in-leakage detectiony
  • Eddy current testing
  • Air-cooled condenser cleaning and inspection

For more information on this "don't miss event" at the ICONE/ASME Power Conference visit for more information.  You can sign up for the preconference workshop at the same time you register for the full conference.

Our Mission Statement
In 1923, Conco introduced the world to the first offline mechanical tube cleaner capable of removing condenser tube fouling in a single, efficient step.  The "Conco" cleaner revolutionized the cleaning of main condensers and today, almost 90 years and over 100 million tubes later, Conco stands as the world leader in condenser performance products and services for power generation.  Not to rest on our laurels, Conco sought to revolutionize the cleaning and testing of industrial heat exhangers in the petrochemical and refining industry in much the same way we did in power generation.  Since the mid 1990's, our Industrial Services Group based in Deer Park, Texas  has been delivering the full, integrated platform of Total Performance™ services for heat exchangers to a wide range of customers including Dow, ExxonMobil and Marathon Oil to name a few.  As a result of our expansion into industries beyond power generation, we thought it fitting to incorporate in our new mission statement, this renewed focus on delivering productivity and profitability to all of our customers.  We hope you will find our new mission statement comprehensive in our committment to deliver "absolutely the  best" value to you our customer.

"To Provide Quality, Innovative Condenser and Heat Exhanger Related Products and Services which Resolve the Needs of the Worldwide Power Producing and Industrial Process Communities As a Team, Conducting All Aspects of Business Profitably And In a No-Nonsense Professional Manner"
In Issue 21:

• Pit Stop for Performance
• Workshop at ASME Power
• New Conco Mission Statement
• Tube Cleaning Services
• Eddy Current Testing
• Leak Detection Services
• Air Heater Cleaning
• Upcoming Events
Tube Cleaning Services

Clean tubes are a fundamental component of achieving Total Performance™ at your plant.  Conco crews have serviced over 100 million condenser & heat exchanger tubes worldwide and our patented cleaning technologies allow our customers a wider range of flexibility and effective cleaning than other methods. For more information visit our tube cleaning services page.
Eddy Current Testing

Clean tubes mean better data collection when it comes to eddy current testing of condenser or heat exchanger tubing.  Conco provides both cleaning and certified nondestructive testing to give our customers a seamless and cost-effective approach to achieving profitability, productivity and reliability.  For more information on our eddy current testing services, visit our website.
Leak Detection Services

Conco's TotalTracer™ approach to finding condenser air inleakage or circulating water tube leaks is absolutely the best in the business.  We can combine the use of both helium and SF6 to find leaks that others can't.  If you're interested in tightening up your vacuum boundary, or have a more serious concern regarding a leaking tube, get more information on our leak detection services page.
Air Preheater Cleaning

Learn how Conco liquid nitrogen cleaning can save your plant time & money over traditional water-based cleaning methods.  Unlike water, liquid nitrogen produces NO secondary waste streams, which means NO wastewater related collection or disposal costs (or time) are incurred.  Consider this the next time you're operating on critical path maintenance as a way to shave a day (or two) off your maintenance schedule.
Upcoming Power Events

July 30, 2012
ASME Power 2012
Anaheim, California

July 31, 2012
Southwest Chemistry Workshop
Park City, Utah

August 6, 2012
Columbus, Ohio

August 6, 2012
EPRI BOP NDE Symposium
Avon, Colorado

September 13, 2012
Nalco Southwest Chemistry
Arlington, Texas

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